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Linz 2009: Zwischen Spannung und Skepsis

Linz 2009: Zwischen Spannung und Skepsis

Linz, September 16, 2005

Representatives of Linz's independent cultural scene, the KUPF - Kulturplattform Oberösterreich and the FIFTITU% networking center for women in art and culture met on Wednesday evening (14.09.2005) with the team of directors of the Capital of Culture 2009, Martin Heller, Maria Tschudi and Ulrich Fuchs.

Martin Heller emphasized the importance of the independent performing arts community for the success of the Capital of Culture 2009 project, which is also closely linked to the City of Linz's cultural development plan, in which the independent performing arts community is one of the three pillars of the cultural profile. Veronika Leiner, Managing Director of Radio FRO, comments: "It seems as if Martin Heller is taking the priorities set out in the cultural development plan seriously - more seriously than many city politicians."

In particular, Heller also emphasized the need for intensive involvement of the independent scene. Eva Immervoll, Managing Director of KUPF, welcomes this participatory approach: "It is essential for independent cultural initiatives in particular to be informed about the framework conditions as soon as possible." The importance of women in art and cultural production was also a topic of discussion. The team of artistic directors noted that even in Bremen (which was in the running as the 2010 Capital of Culture) there is a great response to the work of FIFTITU%. Gabriele Heidecker, chairwoman of FIFTITU%, was delighted about this.

Representatives of the local and regional cultural scene are looking forward to working with the artistic team. Several activities are planned over the next few weeks: a tour with Martin Heller and his team through the institutions of the Linz independent scene in October, a discussion meeting in November and continuous jour fixes. Despite the positive outcome of the talks, however, representatives of the cultural scene have expressed their concerns: in particular, the development of the cultural budget and the infrastructural deficits accumulated in recent years show a clear need for action on the part of the responsible politicians in the city and province.

Press release of the KUPF