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Gnackwatsch'n Kunst am Bau KUPF Zeitung 144

Gnackwatsch'n Kunst am Bau KUPF Zeitung 144

Well, they've done it again. As soon as a woman doesn't watch out like a stickler to make sure no nonsense happens, it happens again. I'm writing about the "baby" of our provincial governor, the music theater. Shortly before the opening, the "art on the building" is quickly presented.

Gnackwatsch'n in the KUPF newspaper 144

Works of art that are intended to lend additional style to the new, innovative and forward-looking project. The press release even states that the music theater reflects Upper Austria's "self-image...
as a cultural state" - yes, thank you for such a self-image, but you can smear it in your hair!

Why am I so upset?

With "art in construction", large projects such as the music theater also involve large sums of money - at least 1.5% of the construction sum must be spent on art in construction, i.e. in this case 1.2 million euros - for which an artist has to paint for a long time. It would therefore be logical in terms of an open-minded state policy to ensure that these funds benefit artists on an equal footing.

And what do the gentlemen from the state theater and state cultural policy do? They spend all the money exclusively on works of art by artists! So much for Upper Austria's self-image.

And yet the governor repeatedly assures us how important the participation of women in society and therefore also in the arts and culture sector is, and we almost believed him, especially now that he is also responsible for the state's women's department. But when it comes to the big bucks, the gentlemen prefer to keep to themselves.

So that it doesn't look quite so stupid, 1 woman was included in the 14-member jury - but you have to let that roll off your tongue first. Not a trace of democracy and equal co-determination and participation. Has the LH's accumulation of national power gone to his head and do we have to prepare ourselves for Pühringism instead of Putinism?

Or has the former professional environment of the LH struck here? But we in Upper Austria are not in the Vatican, please, and we women also pay taxes that are spent on art in construction! And may I remind you of the passage in the Upper Austrian state funding form: "Funding from the state of Upper Austria is excluded if the actual equality of women and men is impaired as a result" - please read and do it gentlemen!

Probably the "myth of the feminine" inherent in the description of a work of art is supposed to appease us, yes, that's how you would like us to be!

I can only tell you guys that this will have repercussions, you've thoroughly messed up the foreplay!

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