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Gender Mainstreaming Stadt Linz

Gender Mainstreaming Stadt Linz

Linz, May 2005

FIFTITU% cooperates with the City of Linz / Cultural Office for gender symmetry in the allocation of funding

FIFTITU% is working together with the City of Linz's Department of Culture to implement gender mainstreaming in the city's cultural sector. The application of gender mainstreaming to all funding awarded by the Department of Culture is central to this. Funding recipients should provide information on the effects of their activities on gender equality so that long-term control measures can be implemented. Concrete proposals were drawn up in spring 2005 and the responsible cultural politicians must now decide. At the same time, work is also being carried out on the implementation of gender mainstreaming in municipal cultural institutions (Brucknerhaus, Posthof, AEC, ...), here too FIFTITU% has submitted concrete proposals.