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Förderungen von Frauen in Kunst und Kultur

Förderungen von Frauen in Kunst und Kultur

In the Austrian art and culture scene, women still do not have the place they deserve. The work of female artists and cultural workers does not receive the appropriate attention or adequate monetary compensation.

There are still too few women in management positions in cultural institutions.The aim of cultural policy must be to achieve real equality in all areas and symmetry at all levels of artistic and cultural life. This includes the elimination of discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, social background and life contexts, citizenship, migrant background, religious denomination and individual impairments.
There is a need to promote women, support women-specific activities and establish gender mainstreaming in the arts and culture sector. Politicians, civil servants and employees of all regional authorities (federal, provincial and municipal) and their outsourced institutions are called upon to take action in Austria and at international level. Gender competence on the part of those carrying out the work is an indispensable qualification for this.The demands relate specifically to the context of women in the arts and cultural sector and are intended to complement other feminist and anti-discriminatory positions.*

Art and culture in general must be increasingly perceived as a social task. Only sufficient public funding can guarantee the development of the existing potential of cultural workers in Austria - especially women.

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