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Statement on the rejection of funding applications for the women's* counseling centers maiz, FIFTITU%
and Arge SIE by the Women's Department of the Province of Upper Austria on the grounds that the activities
of the women's counseling centers was no longer part of the core business
according to the "new funding criteria" of the Women's Department.

Shortly before Christmas 2017, the women's counseling centers maiz, FIFTITU% and Arge SIE were
were invited to individual discussions at the Upper Austrian Women's Department. The associations concerned are united by the fact that
they have been working for many years for women* affected and threatened by poverty and exclusion in Upper Austria

The associations were informed that the previous funding from the Women's Department totaling
around €60,000 per year will be discontinued 100% as of December 31, 2017. This means that the 10%
Budget cut of the Upper Austrian Women's Department will be passed on

The reason given was that the activities of the associations were no longer part of the "core business" of the Women's Department according to the "new funding criteria". This argument is incomprehensible to us in several respects.

Arge SIE, maiz and FIFTITU% have been making an indispensable contribution to society for decades. The associations' work is explicitly aimed at women* looking for accommodation, artists, sex workers and migrants. The achievements of Arge SIE, maiz and FIFTITU% are undisputed and have received several public awards.

Here are the links to our press reports and the press conference in January 2018.

Photo: Violetta Walkobinger | Illustration: Silke Müller