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Studie zur sozialen Lage der Künstler*innen in Ö

Studie zur sozialen Lage der Künstler*innen in Ö

Study on the social situation of artists and art and cultural mediators in Austria
The online questionnaire is now available (until May 15) at the link

Not only artists can participate, but also people who work in the "art-related" field (e.g. people who organize art & culture projects, who work in art therapy or cultural managers).

Already in the first question of the survey, women* and men* can classify themselves in this way - this is a small success of the interest groups (FIFTITU%, KUPF, IG Bildende, IG Theater... )

Unfortunately, the study again only deals with artists and not with cultural workers. That was originally the plan, but then they allegedly dropped it for financial reasons.

Photo: Violetta Wakolbinger