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FIFTITU% says welcome to Refugees

FIFTITU% says welcome to Refugees

English Version of the demands of the refugees staying at the tent camp at Linz
What we want:

  1. Permanent and proper accommodation under human conditions
    Put an end to burdensome transfers to locations without basic infrastructure, hygiene and being exposed to the weather.
    Stop the Tent Camps! Open empty buildings! Stop the transfer to exterritorial camps – like Slovakia! The right to flee and the freedom of movement are human rights!
  2. Access to information about the stay, the next transfer and the asylum procedure
    The permanent shifting and the lack of information is causing insecurity among us; especially are we missing traceability regarding transfer and understandable reasons for green cards (which means a limitation of the freedom of movement and a precarious and uncertain state of the asylum procedure).
  3. Access to legal aid, translators and proper health care
    We don’t have proper access to legal aid, mostly there is nearly no contact to legal advisers or the contact was cut by the transfer. There are no translators for legal or health issues or questions regarding everyday life. Medical care is only once per week and inadequate. Psychological support is missing at all.
  4. Fast decisions for our asylum procedure – especially regarding the families, who are still in danger in the war
    Many of us are concerned about our families. Our children are surrounded by war and in danger of being persecuted. We need quick decisions regarding our asylum in order to save our children and wives.
  5. Stopping the system of deprivation and discrimination
    We had to face several situations of discrimination by members of the security staff. We wish to be treated respectfully by the authorities and their employees. We also want to take care of our own affairs – to cook for ourselves in order to have our ownership.
  6. The right to stay and respectively the right to move
    We would love to stay here and to get the chance to be part – a respected and engaged part – of the society. We need an end of being transferred around “like animals”; we need peace from the daily danger of deportation. But as we feel that the Austrian government is not welcoming refugees and not understanding our situation – persecution, war and missing livelihood – and treats us like this, we would like to have the right of free movement within the EU and the suspension of the Dublin system.

Die Forderungen stammen von einer Gruppe von Flüchtlingen des Zeltlagers in Linz, die an den dortigen Protesten der letzten Wochen teilgenommen haben.