EU-Bericht: Towards gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors

Cover: "Towards gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors" Report

FIFTITU% wird im „Towards gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors“ Bericht der europäischen Komission als Best-Practice-Organisation gelistet.

Die EU-Mitgliedstaaten haben im Arbeitsplan für Kultur (EU Work Plan for Culture 2019 - 2022) erstmals die Gleichstellung von Geschlechtern und Geschlechtsidentitäten als vorrangiges Ziel festgelegt. Der Bericht konzentriert sich vorwiegend darauf, wie dies in der Kultur- und Kreativbranche (CCS) erreicht werden kann:

This report of the OMC (open method of coordination) working group of Member States’ experts focuses on the role that culture plays in promoting gender equality and, more importantly, how to achieve gender equality within the cultural and creative sectors (CCS). The EU Member States identified gender equality for the first time as a priority for action in the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022. Indeed, there are many reasons that this topic should receive the attention it deserves. Gender equality is a core value of the EU fundamental rights and a key principle of the European Pillar of Social Rights. It is also a precondition for cultural diversity. The promotion of gender equality and the fight against gender discrimination are twin goals of the EU, including in culture.