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Pension am Konto - (k)eine Kunst? (Infoveranstaltung in Linz)

Pension am Konto - (k)eine Kunst? (Infoveranstaltung in Linz)

Pension entitlement. Retirement pension. Pension account: How does it all work? What can I expect in later life? We have all received letters with frightening figures about the current status of our pension account in recent years... But what can I look out for now? When am I even entitled to a pension? What effects does international mobility have?
And when I draw my pension one day? How does that fit in with the realities of artistic life? If retirement does not mean dropping the Digcam overnight, for example, giving up the studio, withdrawing unsold works from the market, rejecting copyright remuneration? What regulations need to be observed when earning additional income - for (early) retirement pensions, so-called minimum pensions and equalization allowances, etc.
Also: Avoid the classic "women's trap" with co-insurance - no pension insurance is included here. And also consider the lack of pension insurance with opting in and other voluntary models!

Speaker: Dr. Hermann Mitterhumer (SVA)
Moderation: Daniela Koweindl (IG BILDENDE KUNST)

Venue: Art University Linz, Lecture Hall A, Hauptplatz 8, 4010 Linz

■ SVA: Pension & care allowance
■ SVA: Calculate retirement age
■ SVA: Purchase of school, study and training periods
■ SVA: When you start your pension (responsibility, application, deadline, start of pension)
■ SVA: Compensation allowance
The new pension account
Pension account calculator

An event in cooperation with forum - Kunstuniversität Linz, Alumni Network Bruckneruniversität Linz and IG BILDENDE KUNST.