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Online-Workshop: Wer bin ich überhaupt? - Schreiblabor für Künstlerinnen*

Online-Workshop: Wer bin ich überhaupt? - Schreiblabor für Künstlerinnen*

"Who am I anyway?": Biographical self-portrayal in a small format
Writing lab for female artists*

Online workshop with Julia Pühringer
Fri, December 10, 2021, 10:00 - 12:00, Online (via ZOOM)

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The curse of self-promotion: How do you create a biography for your own practice as an artist* and cultural worker*? You should be everywhere, ideally with a website and appearances on all social media channels. For applications, publications, press reports or even for applications and submissions, you need it, the infamous "short biography", in which everything should be included and preferably yesterday. What needs to go in there, what can be left out?
Whoever writes has the power of interpretation: so how do I convey a first impression of my artistic work in just a few lines, what form is suitable for me? The questions behind this are big: How do I want to be perceived as an artist* in the first place, what professional skills do I want to convey?
We will find the answers and focus on the important creative aspects, discuss techniques and methods on how these text types can be used, how to find inspiration and a flow of writing. And because you don't leave a writing lab without letters, we'll get started right away, feedback included if desired.

  • Trainer
    Julia Pühringer - Born in Linz, studied English and German language and literature in Vienna and ended up in journalism early on, specializing in film, TV and culture. She writes for the TV magazine Tele and works as a freelance journalist for Standard, Falter and schau magazine, among others. Tends to make incendiary speeches on relevant social media channels.
  • Who
    all FINTA* persons, i.e. women*, as well as inter*, non-binary and trans* persons and people who experience themselves without gender identity
  • When & Where
    Fri, December 10, 2021, 10:00 - 12:00

    Online (via ZOOM) a link will be sent to the participants after registration.
    Here to register

If you are unable to attend, please let us know at so that we can pass on your place.

We look forward to your participation, exchange and feedback!