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Stark reduziert!

Stark reduziert!

Lecture performance by Barbara U. Schmidt and Manuela Barth

A decentralized cultural project in autumn 2002

Advertising images not only have an enormous presence in urban spaces - the staging of posters, light boxes and shop windows is also extremely elaborate and diverse.

This dazzling appearance of commercial imagery is ironically and provocatively countered by Manuela Barth and Barbara U. Schmidt with the title of their lecture performance: Stark reduziert!

Munich-based artist Manuela Barth has been photographing advertising images in outdoor spaces for over three years, which she assembles into revealing sequences, juxtapositions and combinations. The views, evaluations and exclusions on which the advertising images are based become visible.

Parallel to this, art historian Barbara U. Schmidt analyzes the rhetoric of these visual worlds and shows how widespread and deeply rooted they are in our culture

The project was carried out by FIFTITU % - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria in cooperation with cultural initiatives from Upper Austria.

  • 7. 12., 20.00 - Local Bühne Freistadt, Salzgasse 25, 4240 Freistadt
  • 8. 12., 14.00 - Stuwe, Steingasse 5, 4020 Linz,
  • 9. 12., 10.30 a.m. - Akku Steyr and HBLA for Cultural Management, L.-Werndlstr. 5