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Seminar Frauen und Geld

Seminar Frauen und Geld

On the initiative of and in cooperation with FIFTITU%, the Women's Health Center Linz is organizing another workshop on the topic of "Women and money - you can't ask for anything in return?"

Money is a sensitive topic for many women. We know this from our own experience: How much can I ask for an hour's work? How do I conduct salary negotiations? How do I ask for an appropriate share of an organization's budget for my project? And some people wonder why it doesn't work with the cash flow... In this 2-day seminar, women have the opportunity to deal intensively with their relationship to the topic of "money". In addition to philosophical, political and individual approaches, practical elements will be emphasized. The aim of the workshop is to clarify your own relationship with money and to take home concrete tools for your daily work with money, fees and budgets.

Maximum of 12 participants

Friday, 06.02.09, 10:00-18:00 and Saturday, 07.02.09, 10:00-18:00
Costs: € 30,--
Design: Eva Gütlinger

e-mail: office@fgz-linz. at

If you are interested, please register quickly!

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