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Lesung Reyhan Şahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray: Yalla Feminismus!

Lesung Reyhan Şahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray: Yalla Feminismus!

Reading Reyhan Şahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray: YALLA FEMINISM !
Talk with the author and Marie Luise Lehner
Music by Bad&Boujee

Reyhan Sahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray honors the Glashörsaal F of the Kunstuni Linz on December 6, 2019 at the invitation of Fiftitu% and the AKG!
We invite you to listen to the explicit language of the doctor from the work "Yalla Feminism!". An evening where hip-hop, fuckademia, intersectional theories, anecdotes and precise analysis meet.
As a woman in everyday academic life, as a Turkish-Muslim Alevi and as a rapper in the hip-hop scene, Reyhan Şahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray knows how commonplace sexism, discrimination and racism are.
Her book "Yalla, Feminism!" (Tropen Verlag) is a polemic against this and a manifesto for female self-empowerment. In it, she describes a feminism that opposes racist exclusion and paternalism and demands self-determination for all people.

"[...] Because being a feminist and standing up for your own emancipation, self-determination, gender equality and against racism can be a very painful, tiring process. It is tiring to stand up to the dick patriarchy in different communities. Feminism doesn't need to be talked up, the patriarchy never sleeps. But being part of feminism is not easy either, especially for second and third generation migrants, or for Muslim socialized women or people of color in general, it is more difficult than for Germans with a migration deficit. [...]"1
  • After the reading, we invite you to a joint dialog with Marie Luise Lehner and Reyhan Sahin
  • Followed by fat beats from the first ö all black female DJ collective Bad & Boujee
  • Culinary delights from the myth collection are provided
  • Book table from the Fürstelberger bookshop

Reyhan Şahin aka Lady Bitch Ray, born in Bremen, is a linguist, rapper, performance artist, actress, fashion designer and author. She started rapping at the age of twelve and is known to a wide audience as Lady Bitch Ray. After completing her master's degree in linguistics and German studies, she wrote the first empirical study on the meaning of the Muslim headscarf, which was awarded the German Study Prize. She is currently researching right-wing populism, Islam and gender in a graduate college and is working on her habilitation. Her articles have appeared in "Die Zeit", "taz" and "Süddeutsche Zeitung", among others.

Marie Luise Lehner, lives in Linz and Vienna. Studied at the Institute for Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts and screenwriting at the Vienna Film Academy. She writes plays and prose, is a filmmaker and has been causing a sensation with her feminist punk band Schapka since 2012.
"Her second novel "Im Blick", which was published in 2018, is about looking and being looked at, about roles into which women are forced and about everyday sexual violence". She has received numerous awards, including the Kolik Prize, the Alpha Literature Prize 2017 for her debut novel "Fliegenpilze aus Kork" and currently the AK Literature Prize 2019 for her text "Anna.Mindestsicherung.".

Bad&Boujee is the first all black female DJ & MC collective in Austria and was founded by the two Viennese women Elisabeth Taruvinga & Enyonam Tetteh-Klu to support and celebrate black women* with different backgrounds. Together with their resident DJs Tonica Hunter & Tmnit Ghide and resident MC Tanya Moyo, they want to throw parties where every person - regardless of skin color, gender and sexuality - can feel comfortable and let go, thus setting an example for cohesion.

6. December 2019
Admission: 8.00 pm, start 8.30 pm

Art University Linz
Hauptplatz 6 - Glass auditorium C, 5th floor

Admission free!
Please register at

Supported by
Women's Office City of Linz, Linz Kultur, Province of Upper Austria, Federal Chancellery

An event by FIFTITU% and the Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues - Linz University of Art

1 (Reyhan Şahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray, 2019: Yalla, Feminism! p. 35-36.)