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Feminismus und Krawall - 8. März

Feminismus und Krawall - 8. März

A transcultural, women's political association is transforming Linz into a stage for women's political demands in an actionist guise on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, 2013 from 12 noon to 6 pm.
International Women's Day was adopted in 1910 at the 2nd International Socialist Women's Conference in Copenhagen as a day of struggle for women's rights. Since then, March 8 has been celebrated worldwide as International Women's Day...(Read more)

You are cordially invited to join in!

We are still a long way from achieving true equality between women and men in our society. These existing injustices against women must be constantly highlighted and challenged.

On the initiative of artist Oona Valarie Serbest, around 70 women, representatives from a wide variety of NGOs, art and cultural associations and private individuals, have organized themselves for the first time into a women's political, transcultural association to celebrate this year's International Women's Day under the motto "Feminism and Riot" in the city centre of Linz.

The content and demands were developed in a participatory and grassroots democratic manner and will be staged artistically, musically and performatively in various public places in the center of Linz on March 8.

"We want to celebrate what we have achieved so far with feminism and riots, but rather bring our women's political demands and our criticism to the public in a special format," says initiator Oona Valarie Serbest

The program of "Feminism and Riot" consists of performances, actionist interludes and music performances by the participating associations, groups and individuals and also reflects the specific grievances and women's political demands in each case.

maiz, the autonomous center by & for migrants, focuses in its 3 performances on the dismantling of exotic, sexist and racist images of the adaptation and predestination of migrants.

The music performance "My body belongs to me" by dancer and choreographer Andrea Müller, for example, addresses sexualized assaults. It refers to a passage from a book that is recommended for teaching abuse prevention and problematizes the ruling by the public prosecutor's office in Graz, which recently determined that a grab on a woman's buttocks does not constitute sexual assault.

The FIFTITU% campaign "Künstlerinnen am Bau" criticizes the awarding of the "Kunst am Bau" competition at the Linz Music Theatre by the province of Upper Austria. A jury consisting of ten people, including two women, awarded 1.2 million euros to five artists - only men were selected! All female artists are invited to gather in front of the Musiktheater at 4 p.m. for a group photo "Artists on the building site".

And another highlight on the occasion of Pope Benedict's resignation: "habemus mamam" When the Pope becomes a woman! at 3 pm at Martin-Luther-Platz.

Feminism and riot starts at 12 noon on the main square

The start, meeting and info point is at 12 noon on Linz's main square. From there, the route leads via the various stations towards the main train station. The program in the city center is scheduled until around 5 pm. For spontaneous participants or visitors who can only take part later, the info point on the main square is the first point of contact for information on where Feminism and Riot is currently stopping. Radio FRO 105,0 and will be broadcasting live.

The individual program points can be found in the detailed program schedule.

For the finale, the Feminist Wish Concert with live music, performances and video presentations will start at 8 pm with free admission in the Stadtwerkstatt
Butcher Babes, Krikela (Cologne), ana threat's exploitation ballroom,
EsRaP, Shapka, Penélope, CounTessa, Falangee,
"Our song is our liberation" - Interactive performance with Claudia Lima,
FIFTITU% video presentation "feminism for dummies" (Edith Stauber),
Video project by S.O.U.L Flavour and ann & pat,
Culinary delights by the women of the association ATIB, ÖSSU, women of the association ACAMASAL/Mekuda and many more;

Participants: Ann & Pat, Autonomous Center, village tv, FIFTITU%, women of the African Communities, women of the association ATIB & ACAMASAL/Mekuda, freundinnen der kunst, Infoladen Treibsand, maiz, Kapu, Kuba, Kupf, KunstRaum Goethestrasse, Kunstuniversität Linz, ÖSSU, Pangea,, Radio FRO 105.0, Red Sapata,, S.O.U.L Flavour, SPACEfemFM-Frauenradio, Stadtwerkstatt and numerous individual campaigners;

Feminism and riot PROGRAMME RUN
Friday, March 8, 2013

Meeting point: Old town hall/main square at the Infopoint

Live: Anna Threat & Rita Rumble / Krikela (Cologne)
Performance "Innerei minister Grace Leitner Miki Jones" by Edith Paule
Performance "She-heroes" by Xhejlane Ibishi
Performance "My body belongs to me" by Andrea Müller
Performance "Madame Kloé" by Maia Benashvili

Start of the protest & performance parkour
Mobile Speakers Corner with the women of the African Communities

1. Station: "HABEMUS MAMAM" When the Pope became a woman!!!
in cooperation with "Invisible Theater" by Claudia Lima
Martin-Luther-Platz/Landstraße near Thalia

2. Station: "Künstler_innen am Bau", photo shoot in front of the Musiktheater
support the indignation in the group picture with self-chosen style
Volksgarten / music theater

3rd stop: Final rally with the clown dinners, Linz main station

feminist concert of wishes
at the Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4

Live music, performances & video presentations: Butcher Babes, Krikela (Cologne), ana threat's exploitation ballroom, Penélope, EsRaP, Shapka, CounTessa & Falangee, S.O.U.L Flavour and ann & pat, fiftitu%, maiz, and many more


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Live broadcast: Radio FRO,

Illustration: www.silkemü

Support by Frauenbüro Stadt Linz, Linz Kultur, Land OÖ, Frauenreferat Land OÖ