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Workshop "Frauen und Geld"

Workshop "Frauen und Geld"

Money is a sensitive issue for many women. We know this from our own experience: how much can I ask for an hour's work?

How do I conduct salary negotiations? How do I ask for an appropriate share of an association's budget for my project?

And some people wonder why it doesn't work with the cash flow...

In this 2-day seminar, women have the opportunity to deal intensively with their relationship to the topic of "money". In addition to philosophical, political and individual approaches, we emphasize practical elements. The aim of the workshop is to clarify your own relationship with money and to take home concrete tools for your daily work with money, fees and budgets.

The seminar is funded by the Gesellschaft für politische Bildung and organized in cooperation with FIFTITU% - Vernetzungsstelle für Frauen in Kunst und Kultur Oberösterreich and can therefore be offered at a particularly low price.

- personal relationship to money
- Money in our society
- Necessities for income
- Sources of money
- Practical and tangible information about taxes, social security,
Forms of employment...
- The concept of work - the value of my work
- Volunteering and paid work
- Fee and salary negotiations
- Visualization and personal goals

Target group:
All interested women
Women in atypical employment relationships (work contracts, freelance
Service contracts, part-time, ....)
Women who are employed but are not
satisfied with their financial situation are satisfied
with their financial opportunities Women who are involved in civil society organizations,
especially in cultural work and the arts
especially in cultural work and the arts


  • Andrea Mayer Edoloeyi
    born 1971, cultural worker, adult educator. Since 1996 professionally active in contemporary initiative cultural work, most recently course director of the ARTWORKS start-up workshop for female artists. Board member of KUPF - Kulturplattform OÖ and FIFTITU% - Vernetzungsstelle für Frauen in Kunst und Kultur OÖ. Thematic focus: Cultural policy, feminism / gender, culture and work. Currently studying theology, philosophy and art sciences in Linz.
  • Mag.a Eva Gütlinger
    born 1970, trainer in adult education, consultant, cultural manager. Trained as a cultural worker, studied sociology with a focus on education and women's studies. Many years of full-time and part-time work in cultural management. Since 2003 self-employed, conception and training for educational projects in South Tyrol, Linz and Vienna (key skills, gender mainstreaming, rhetoric, project management, old knowledge...).

Date: November 28 and 29 (Tuesday and Wednesday 10.00 - 18.00 h) or February 16/17, 2007 (Friday 14.00 - 20.00 h and Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 h)

Location: freiraum, Gärtnerstr. 19, Linz -

Contribution: € 80,- (net - invoice with or without VAT possible)

Registration and information: or