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Let's dance, it's our revolution!

Let's dance, it's our revolution!

Queer-feminist women* party on March 8
On March 8, International Women's Day, we are organizing a queer-feminist women's* party under the motto "Let's dance, it's our revolution!" and cordially invite you to join us. Together we want to make a difference, and together we also want to dance, celebrate and toast the goals we have already achieved.

Start: 20.00 hrs
Location: Druzba (Kapuzinerstrasse 36, 4020 Linz, barrier-free)
Admission: voluntary donation

Live acts:
bernhardschlagerextremtanzmusikkapelle (solotrashbluescombo)
EsRap (German/Turkish rap)

CounTessa (RnB, Trance, Dance, Pop (70s/80s), Cuban, Latin, Arabic, Turkish, Croatian)
lisa s. (pop, rock, indie, alternative, electronic)
Rottenkid_C (Electro, Pop, Rock, HipHop, Punk, RiotGrrrl)