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wir sind sichtbar ! Feministische Interventionen zum Linzer Frauenbericht

wir sind sichtbar ! Feministische Interventionen zum Linzer Frauenbericht

We are visible! Feminist interventions on the Linz Women's Report

Meeting point: 8 pm (sharp!) Linz main square / Neptune fountain

Women's suffrage was fought for 100 years ago, the abortion solution 40 years ago, in 2019 Austria had a female chancellor for the first time but never a female president. On average, women* in Austria still receive 43% less pension and in 2016, women* in Linz only earned 61% of the gross salary of men* in Linz. Linz has never had a female mayor and throughout Austria there are more mayors called Josef than female mayors in total. These are just some of the facts that prove that women* are still structurally disadvantaged in Linz and that both their demands and their promotion must be taken seriously!

Social, political and economic equality will be demanded loudly and visibly in Linz on June 28. The main square will become a projection screen for the present and utopia. Women* from different walks of life will interact with passers-by and the public. The private and the political as a theatrical interplay culminate in a visual storm of large-scale text interventions. An ode to the women* of Linz for the courage of self-determination, freedom and equality

Photo gallery : We are visible !


Projection : starsky
Music : Elisabeth Schimana

Interventions : Daniela Brodesser / Bella Diablo / Fatima El Kosht / Wiltrud Hackl / Tobias Humer (VIMÖ) / Karina Koller / maiz - Autonomes Zentrum von & für Migrantinnen: Sex&Work department / Alice Moe from Team Dyke March Linz / Elisabeth Murhammer / Julia Pühringer / Abena Twumasi / Susanne Mayrhofer


On the initiative of City Councillor for Women Eva Schobesberger and on behalf of the City of Linz Women's Office, the second Linz Women's Report was compiled by the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.


The public presentation is organized by FIFTITU% - Networking Office for Women* in Art and Culture in Upper Austria. Contact and information :


Graphic / Web : Edith Schild
Photo : Violetta Wakolbinger / Sascha Osaka
Video : Simone Carneiro / Eyal Ben-Zwi
Technology : Marlene Mayer / Markus Liszt / Viteka & Lorenz / Philip Huemer / Leonie Reese / Vasco Lourenço / Valerie Hetfield / Rana Tayyab / Iza
Team : Olivia Schütz / Katharina Kraher / Veronika Natter / Nicole Glasner / Ufuk Serbest / Jerneja Zavec / Amina Lena / Roswitha Magauer / Evi Ungemach / Jutta Reisinger and Eva Schobesberger
Production : Oona Valarie Serbest / Sandra Krampelhuber
Concept : Oona Valarie Serbest / starsky / Gitti Vasicek / Gerlinde Schmierer


Second Women's Report of the City of Linz :

starsky :


Women's Office of the City of Linz :

Women's City Councillor Mag.a Schobesberger :

Institute for Women and Gender Studies :