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Zum Internationalen Hurentag

Zum Internationalen Hurentag

squeezed open

June 2 was declared International Whores' Day in reference to the sex workers' movement in France. On June 2, 1975, around 150 sex workers went on strike in Lyon (France), occupying a church and initiating a high-profile action that is considered to be one of the key initial impulses for the European sex workers' movement

This year, maiz - the self-organization by and for migrants - also organized the city tour "On the trail of sex work in Linz". A team of city guides accompanies you through 5 stations with information on sex work in Linz.

Roswitha Kröll produced the reportage.


International Whores' Day 2016 was also celebrated in Vienna: The platform Sex/Work/Lust/Illusions VER/KAUFEN and the association LEFÖ - Beratung, Bildung und Begleitung von Migrant*innen invited people to a public event with a flash mob. After this, Frankfurt sex worker and activist Frances Funk gave a talk at Aktionsradius Wien. She spoke about current efforts to subject sex work in Germany to strict regulations.

We have taken this recording from the broadcast series "Sex/Work/Lust/Illusions SELL/BUY - From everyday working life in the pleasure workshops"


Mobility, childcare, official channels/government, education, traditional role models - these are just some of the particular challenges faced by women in rural areas. On June 16, 2016, the Upper Austrian Parallel Government of Women therefore met again in front of the Linz Landhaus to focus on the topic of "Women in rural areas".

This time, the parallel government was organized by women from the district of Rohrbach. They drew up the demands for the June meeting from this particular perspective.

NEWS "5-2 Minutes"- feminist news

Four media women - Ingrid Thurnher, Corinna Milborn, Barbara Kaufmann and Hanna Herbst - from Austria denounce the hate against women on the internet and call on politicians to take action. Under the headline "We've had enough", they report in the weekly newspaper "Falter" on the intolerable sexist abuse, rape and death threats they receive daily via email, Twitter, Facebook and other networks. The response on the web was huge, with the hashtags #aufstehn, #unsreichts and #solidaritystorm being used to pile up the expressions of solidarity on Twitter

The music in the show comes from I am a vowel