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SHE POP - Frauen in der Popmusik

SHE POP - Frauen in der Popmusik

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fem.pop is a long-term study by the Archive of Austrian Popular Music (SRA) on women in Austrian pop music. SRA has analyzed its database on the Austrian music scene, which has been built up over two decades, conducted interviews with Austrian female musicians and music industry employees and compiled information to provide an insight into the gender distribution in popular Austrian music. the data is now publicly available in 2014.

In clear graphics, the statistics provide information on the gender distribution in various fields of activity in the music industry. There are areas in which the proportion of women is significantly higher than the overall ratio, such as booking/management, promotion and photography, while other domains are almost exclusively occupied by men, such as running a recording studio. Women are heavily underrepresented when it comes to instruments and band compositions.

Roswitha Kröll has compiled these sad statistics for you in an interview with musicians and women in the music industry.

Helene Grießlehner aka helahoop - musician and musicologist, Ulli Mayer - from the pink noiseGirlsRockCamp association and Birgit Michlmayer aka Mayr - musician and label operator talked about what it's like to be and become a pop or rock musician in Austria.

More information and graphics about women* in pop music in Austria in the Archive of Austrian Popular Music:



The pink noise Girls Rock Camp is a music and band project week for girls_*. and young women_ between the ages of 14 and 21 during the summer vacations. They have the opportunity to take part in workshops (writing songs, organizing concerts, live technology, stage performances, etc), instrument courses and band rehearsal units

The pink noise Girls Rock Camp is a project of pink noise, an association for the promotion of feminist pop-cultural activities, whose activities extend throughout Austria. Next year we are also expecting it in Linz.

This year the GirlsRockCamp took place in Hollabrun, Roswitha Kröll visited it and collected some feedback.


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THE EMPRESS CLUB is a series of events that has been taking place at Stadtwerkstatt since 2013. It presents internationally acclaimed stage artists: Djanes, musicians and performers. Musically, "EMPRESS CLUB" moves in the broadest sense in the area of bass culture & sounds, such as hip hop, grime, reggae & dancehall, funk, soul, jazz, performance poetry, etc.

SPACEfemFM - FRAUENRADIO - spoke to the initiators & organizers of the "EMPRESS CLUB" Sandra Krampelhuber and Oona Valarie Serbest.

More info at:


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Under the title "Let's talk about popmusic", the program Genderfrequenz from Radio Helsinki / Graz also dealt with women in pop music.

The editors talked to Tina about her master's thesis on the significance of gender in pop music magazines. She presented the results so far, as the work is still in progress. Nevertheless, we hear important results.


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- CALL FOR PAPERS :::: 20 years of maiz :::: Deadline: 30 September 2014

Opening of the University of Ignoramuses
During the "Anthropophagic Week "1
14.- November 16, 2014

- On November 17, 2014 at 19:30 in the Kepler Salon event: fem.pop - Is 10% women in Austrian pop music enough?

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