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Frauen-Armut und Sexarbeitspolitiken

Frauen-Armut und Sexarbeitspolitiken

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For the fifth time, the Alliance 8 March and #OhneUnsVielSpaß organized a Männerlose Parallel-Landtagssitzung. We were there again in front of the Landhaus. This time it was about women's poverty. According to statistics published by Eurostat, the pay gap between women and men in Austria was 23 percent in 2014. The EU average was 16 percent. Statistically speaking - women in Austria work for free from October 11 until the end of the year. Women are also more often only employed part-time.

Excerpts from the women's parallel session and the motions put forward by the female state councilors on May 12, 2016 in front of the state parliament in Linz can be heard here.

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How do political regulations influence the everyday working lives of sex workers? Which models are discussed, implemented, by whom and why? What effect do they have? How and why are sex workers in Austria excluded from public discourse and, above all, from political bodies in which sex work policies are negotiated?

These questions were addressed in a short symposium on SEX WORK POLICIES as part of the project "Sex/Work/Lust/Illusions SELL/BUY" in Vienna in April 2016. Various relevant experts spoke at these events: Contributions from Birgit Sauer, Helga Amesberger, Christine Nagl and Faika El-Nagashi were heard.

The event was organized by, a Viennese platform on sex work and the Austrian Student Union at the University of Vienna.

In today's edition of 52Radiominuten we listen to Faika El-Nagashi. She talks about: Who makes sex work policy and how? Lobbying and political alliances. She is a local councillor and member of parliament in Vienna and Green spokesperson for integration and human rights

The entire recording of the short symposium SEX WORK POLICIES is publicly available.

In addition, we would like to draw attention to the International Sex Workers' Rights Day. It has been held on June 2 for more than 40 years. And was declared International Whores' Day in reference to the sex workers' strike movement in France.

On June 2, 1975, for 9 days, more than a hundred prostitutes occupied the Saint-Nizier church in Lyon, France, to draw attention to increased violence against sex workers and clandestine working conditions. This led to unrest throughout the country and police reprisals. Today, prostitutes are once again demanding legal equality for their work.

On this occasion, maiz - organization by and for migrants is once again organizing the annual city tour "On the trail of sex work in Linz". Meeting point is at Pfarrplatz at 17h. There will be information and presentations on street prostitution, Ostend: Invisibility, repression, dealing with street sex work. At the Nibelungenbrücke on Hauptplatz: the Association of Austrian Prostitutes, a self-organization of sex workers in Linz, will be presented, at Alter Marktplatz, at the former Metropol brothel, working conditions and changes will be discussed and at the advice centre on Hofberg at maiz: the aim is to improve the current situation "and the fight goes on", concluding with an aphrodisiac buffet

In Vienna this year, the association LEFÖ - Beratung, Bildung und Begleitung von MigrantInnen invites you to a public event with a flash mob, info café and DJ line at Urban-Loritz-Platz, starting at 15:00. Special guest: Francis Funk, sex worker and activist from Frankfurt

NEWS "5-2 Minutes"- feminist news

The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) takes place on May 17th. On this one came positive news from Denmark which aims to depathologize trans people within the country. The Danish Health Minister asserted that Denmark would depathologise trans identities in the country if the World Health Organization did not complete its revision process and change the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) by October this year. A large majority in the Danish parliament supports this proposal, which is up for vote on May 31.

The current ICD, which is under revision, classifies trans people as ill, merely for their gender identity. These diagnoses are associated with increased discrimination and stigma, both of which negatively affect overall mental health and wellbeing. In this light it is therefore encouraging to see the positive developments happening in some countries, which continue to strive to improve the lives of trans people.

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- Since 1975, June 2 has been International Whore Day. As in previous years, maiz - the Linz association by and for migrant women - is organizing a city tour "On the trail of sex work in Linz". Meeting point is at Pfarrplatz (near the church, in the center of Linz), at 17h.

- The Women's Forum Salzkammergut invites you to the "Flashmob Picnic on the Drachenwand", on Friday, June 3, from 3 pm at the boat landing stage in Trauneck. As the achievements of women are often overlooked in general historiography, the Salzkammergut Women's Forum used a spectacular event to draw attention to the fact that women had also lived and suffered over the past 400 years and were not "forgotten" and remained visible in all the glory of the Ebensee celebrations

- Feminism and Riot and Art University Linz invite you to the BALL VERKWERT on June 3, 2016 from 8 pm. The venue is the University of Art, Domgasse 1, with: Bernadette La Hengst, pop:sch, Crazy Bitch in a Cave, BallKnall, Dragzhaufen with Quings and Kweens im Wechselschritt, La Oona Montana & Selecta Ufuk and Protestlabor Djs.

The music in the show is by Rona Geffen