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Coming to Power

Coming to Power


A comment by Michaela Schoissengeier on the criteria for a scholarship of 3000€. The Mannagetta Foundation only awards 20 scholarships to men with Austrian citizenship, a Roman Catholic religion and whose parents must live in Lower Austria.



Since March 8, International Women's Day, women have been traveling in caravans across five continents. A caravan is also on the move in Europe. In solidarity with Kurdish women in their struggle for autonomy and self-determination, the march started in Kurdistan in Turkey. The themes are ecology, violence against women, community, exploitation ... The action ends on October 17, 2015 in Portugal. The World Women's March was in Austria at the beginning of May. On May 9, 2015, the caravan visited the Mauthausen concentration camp and accompanied the "Feminist Commemoration Ceremony" there.

Brazilian journalist Alessandra Ceregatti organizes the World Women's March in Brazil. In Zagreb, Croatia, she has joined the European caravan. She is helping to promote the idea of the project. In the following interview she tells us which countries the caravan has visited so far. Which women are taking part. And which women they have met during their "journey" and what knowledge from Austria the caravan is taking with it



Numerous speakers, activists and artists discussed, problematized and subverted the politics of sexualized violence as part of the "Kicking Images" conference. The conference took place from May 6 to 8, 2015 at the University of Art and Design Linz. One of the speakers was comics researcher Barbara Eder. On May 7, 2015, she gave a lecture entitled "Coming to Power? Sexualized violence in comics". We met her for an interview afterwards.

Barbara Eder talks about censorship in comics, comics in the queer scene, who the authors are and who the consumers are. First about censorship - in the 1950s in the USA there was a codex for comics. The content of the images was intended to encourage women to marry. Marriage, the state and religion were not allowed to be criticized. Using Wonder Woman as an example, we asked comic researcher Barbara Eder how the censorship measures mentioned fit into the Wonder Woman comic. Wonder Woman is one of the oldest superheroes and made her first appearance in 1941 in All Star Comics No. 8.


NEWS "5-2 Minutes"- feminist news

1 The University of Vienna is celebrating its 650th anniversary this year with a focus on gender equality. At the same time, a professorship in gender studies will expire in spring 2015 without being filled. Feminist research and gender studies must not be cut back! There is a petition for the immediate replacement of the Gender Studies professorship at the University of Vienna. And we ask for your support: Link to the petition

2. Standing Tall, directed by female French director Emmanuelle Bercot, was the festival's opening film. This was the second opening film in the festival's history to have been directed by a woman, the first Film being directed by woman was " A Man in Love by Diane Kurys which opened the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. Find out more

3 A mobile store in the US is selling goods to women for less because they earn less on average than men. In April, the pop-up store called "76<100" opened for the first time in Pittsburgh. Women paid only 76 percent of the price that men had to pay for the same product. The difference corresponds to the gender income gap in the city. The initiator of the "Traveling Pop-up Store" is graphic artist and designer Elana Schlenker. The 31-year-old runs a store in US cities for a few weeks at a time, where she only sells products made by women. In line with the wage gap in the respective city, women also have to pay less than men. Find out more

served and decorated

  1. Girls and young women between the ages of 13 and 24 have until May 30, 2015 to register for this year's Girls Rock Camp. This summer vacation there is the possibility to choose between two Girls Rock Camps in Austria! We are delighted to be celebrating our fifth anniversary with the Girls Rock Camp in Lower Austria AND are organizing a Girls Rock Camp in Linz for the first time - at the end of August. Registration is still open until May 30, register at

  2. On June 28 at 7.30 pm, the "OVAL OFFICE LINZ" will take place with President Karin Michalski. Title of the event: "Fuck you - I'm not feeling it..." Where: At the Institute for Media, at the University of Art and Design Linz, Reindlstr. 16-18.

  3. To mark International Whores' Day on June 2, there will be a city tour "On the trail of sex work in Linz" followed by discussions and an aphrodisiac buffet. Organizer is maiz - Autonomes Zentrum von & für Migrantinnen in Linz together with the Frauenbüro Linz.

  4. On June 12 at 11pm, the liberal-Italian rapper Karima will be a guest at the Stadtwerkstatt as part of "The Empress Club".

  5. On June 27, the annual FIFTITU% "Schifffahrt" will take place on Lake Traunsee. This time under the title "Traveling traders of resistant knowledge". More information on the FIFITITU% website.

The MUSIC in the show comes from Downtown Boys and Bikini Kill.

Picture: Gabriele Senft