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52radiominuten - “i do like mondays...”

52radiominuten - “i do like mondays...”

I do like mondays

In the first FIFTITU% show of 2012, Pamela Neuwirth has invited entertaining guests to the studio. What will it be about? Women, art and culture in Upper Austria, of course
Sandra Hochholzer presents the "Selfdefence IT" project for MAIZ and in the second part of the show, the "glass ceiling" is examined in reverse as a "glass floor".

Listen to the show

MAIZ presents: Selfdefence IT

MAIZ, the center by and for migrant women, is a guest on the 52-minute radio show, the program of FIFTITU% - Networking Agency for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria

Sandra Hochholzer talks in the radio program about the EU research project in which migrant women were asked about their use of new media. What opportunities and risks do they face when using the internet? What images of migrant women are circulating in digital media? What media skills do young people have?

The results of the survey, which MAIZ obtained last year in group discussions, are incorporated into workshops. Sandra Hochholzer also gives an insight into the series of workshops that will start in March.
Podcast Selfdefence IT

KUPF Innovation Pot 2012: The glass floor

It's back and we've been waiting a long time: the KUPF Innovation Fund 2012 has been announced!

Under the motto "The glass floor", cultural initiatives and associations on the subject of gender and women's policy can submit their projects to the KUPF until March. Riki Müllegger explains how to do this in the radio studio.
Podcast KUPF IT

Served & decorated

Silke Müller asked around to find out which exciting projects and events will be taking place soon

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