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52Radiominuten / Ayan Rezaei: Betonbilder

52Radiominuten / Ayan Rezaei: Betonbilder

squeezed up

"I want to have an artistic life and then die" the architect and artist Ayan Rezaei tells me in our interview. She came to Linz from Iran in 2015 to study architecture. Here she has shaped her life around art and architecture. She produces concrete paintings and concrete collages from collected material that she finds on numerous construction sites.

We recently met for an interview in her studio in Lederergasse. Ayan Rezaei told us about her love of concrete as a material, feminism, her concept of "art as a file" and her search for a new studio.FIF TV


Followed by a short excerpt from the panel discussion "Go West? Experiences of women from Eastern Europe", which took place this year as part of the Feminist Radio Days in Vienna.

The guests were: Miriam Damev, Elena Smirnova, Maiada Hadaia and Dorota Trepczyk.
The panel discussion was moderated by Aisha Sane.

Miriam Damev is a freelance journalist and author specializing in culture and classical music.
Elena Smirnova works for Hilfswerk International as a regional manager with a focus on Eastern Europe. She creates various radio programs for Radio Agora 105.5 and Radio ORANGE 94.0.
Maiada Hadaia is an audio producer and has been working for the OeAD's Science and Research for Development Cooperation team for over 10 years. She also works at the interface between media and education in the field of education at Radio ORANGE 94.0.
Dorota Trepczyk has been program coordinator at Radio FRO since 2014, and editor and presenter of the radio magazine Frozine since 2017.

The Radio Days were organized by Claim the Waves, the Feminist Radio Network.

The entire panel discussion can be listened to at or viewed at OktoTV.

MUSIC: Squab, Sevdaliza and Violeta Parra
Photo: Jerneja Zavec