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52radiominuten - Aktion, Kampagne, Kritik & Lesen

52radiominuten - Aktion, Kampagne, Kritik & Lesen

52radiominutes to listen to, Monday, 25.2.2013, 7pm on

52radiominuten is all about activism by and for women. First, we visited the "One Billion Rising" event in Linz on February 14, 2013. Then we look to the future for International Women's Day on March 8, 2013. And to round things off, we have some reading material for Linzers and visitors to Linz.
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One billion Rising with an interview with Theresa Lugstein from "Mädchenbüro" (Salzburg) on the background, then we switch to Linz with the atmosphere of the day of action on February 14, 2013 and an interview with Sonja Ablinger from "Bündnis 8 . March". But there are also critical things to report on this worldwide campaign...

The GLADT association reports criticism of the campaign video. GLADT e.V. is the independent self-organization of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgender people (LGBTT) of Turkish origin outside Turkey. Azade from the association explains the critical points in the video and the difficulties faced by people affected by sexual violence.

Campaign text: "Imagine all women leaving their workplaces or homes at the same time and going out on the street to dance. They do all this to draw attention to violence against women. That is the vision of "One Billion Rising".

"The biggest feminist tsunami that has ever happened!" Comment - Platform 20000women

In Linz, many women and men met at 12.00 noon on Martin-Luther-Platz.

One Billion Rising in Linz on Dorf-TV

Statement by on the "One Billion Rising" campaign

Statement by maiz on "one billion rising"

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Feminism and riots - March 8 is being celebrated in Linz this year with a lot of networking and publicity. Valarie Serbest, board member of Stadtwerkstatt - got the whole thing rolling. In this interview, she explains how she did it, who is taking part and what should happen.

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The Linz city guide is back!
Eight years after the publication of the first edition of the "Linz City Guide", which has since gone out of print, LISA&CO have decided to publish an updated edition of what is still the only book on women's history in Linz. We attended the press conference and found out what's new.

Contribution on dorftv about the Linz city guide

Information on the new edition of the Linz city guide(pdf)

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