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52radio - Auf den Spuren der Sexarbeit

52radio - Auf den Spuren der Sexarbeit

52 radio minutes | June 24, 2013 | 7 - 8 p.m. on Radio FRO

In today's program we start with a contribution to the International Whores' Day. On 2 June 2013, maiz - a self-organization by and for migrant women - hosted a search for traces of sex work in Linz. The following women performed as guides: Luzenier Caixeta, Melanie Hamen, Marissa Lobo and Gergana Mineva.
Followed by a conversation with Judith Goetz about anti-feminism and men's alliances.
And finally, an interview with Tamara Zlobina about the queer-feminist situation in Ukraine.
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Moderation: Sonja Meller, Jerneja Zavec
Contributions: Roswitha Kröll, Jerneja Zavec
Editors: Roswitha Kröll, Sonja Meller, Jerneja Zavec