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52 Radiominuten: WOMAN und Frauenkampftag

52 Radiominuten: WOMAN und Frauenkampftag

squeezed up

In 2021, 174 women sought advice from the women's advice center WOMAN. WOMAN's services focus on work, education and social security.
We spoke to WOMAN advisors Anita Eyth and Ana Luz Morales about their services, the importance of women's advice, their network and the current challenges. Finally, they reveal their wishes to us.



Feminism and Riot has once again organized the protest action on International Women's Struggle Day on 8 March after a two-year break. We listen to audio recordings of numerous speeches on the topic of "solidarity" on this day in Linz
You can listen to audio recordings of the speeches by:
maiz - association by and for migrants together with the collective - critical educational, counseling and cultural work by and for migrants.
Barbara Fischeneder from Fridays for Future Linz
Chrislane Barros da Silva - Black Lives Matter Linz
Eva Schuh - Managing Director Violence Protection Center Upper Austria, lawyer, mediator, coach
and Mariel Rodriquez-Rodriquez - from the Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues, Linz University of Art

Music (CC): Elcassete, Respect my Fist and She said Destroy!

Artwork Rebekka Hochreiter
Photo Violetta Wakolbinger