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52 Radiominuten - 20 Jahre 20 Stimmen

52 Radiominuten - 20 Jahre 20 Stimmen

FIFTITU% has turned 20 this year, as has the Linz-based Radio FRO. To mark these anniversarieswe are broadcasting a repeat of "20 Years of 20 Voices".

We spoke with the
editors of feminist programs Claudia Dworschak, Helga Schager and Michaela Schoissengeier from SPACEfemFM on Radio FRO.
Helga and Michi are now continuing their "making radio" in the follow-up program X_XY (Un)solved and (Un)heard! f
Another contribution came from Rosvita Kröll, Birgit Pichler and Gerlinde Schmierer
the editors of the format "52 radio minutes FIFTITU%".
Finally, we conducted an interview with Anna Kraher and Gitti Vasicek, authors of the radio ballet as part of Feminismus&Krawall.

Music (CC): FFT Error and She Said Destroy

The programs are available for (re)listening at the following links:
Link @ Radio FRO | Link @ cba