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FROzine zu "Feminismus und Krawall"

FROzine zu "Feminismus und Krawall"

Interview with Roswitha Kröll in a FROzine on feminism and riots
Talking often helps, but sometimes apparently not enough. Rioting is experiencing a renaissance, at least in large parts of the "new" protest culture. Casserole protests etc. point to the fact that those who are not heard anyway do not (always) have to or want to submit to the dictates of "civilized" speech.
However, riot initially has a very negative connotation... but more on this from Roswitha Kröll.

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Feminism and rioting is therefore also the main topic of this show on February 14, 2012 - isn't that Valentine's Day too? Anyway, One Billion Rising was - and still is - the motto of a global day of action against (sexual) violence against women, which was also celebrated with actions in Linz for the first time on February 14, 2013

More about this in the program and also about the difficult aspects of such broad-based campaigns.'sDayLinz

second part of the program from about minute 30:

The program is rounded off with a commentary by the presenter, who refers to the latest cuts in funding in the cultural sector and asks the question of how the federal government can think of going after, as the net-media backbone of the Linz and Upper Austrian independent cultural scene, and cutting funding by a drastic €15,000, which threatens its existence. The commentary also addresses the FPÖ's fierce tirades against proactive art and culture. To berate the HOSI behind the Voest, i.e. where the barracks of the forced laborers stood in the days of the Hermenn Göring works; to defame Backlab, although the possibility of the redcoats of the Linz security service, who have repeatedly attracted attention in recent months as very sensitive and prudent, is nothing more than a contribution to transparency and social commitment, reminds me all too much of the "KUPF" = culture and politics fart of the Upper Austrian FPÖ in the early 1990s

Creator of the program Michael Schweiger

Illustration: Silke Müller