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The LinzFest 2008 is all about female art and culture: May 10 - 11 / May 12 Cultural Picnic in the Danube Park between Lentos and Brucknerhaus

Opening of the "Walk of Fem"

From May 10 to 12, the three days of the festival will feature music, literature and cabaret with a focus on women - including the Queen of World Music, Natacha Atlas, the Rounder Girls, Diana Jirkuff, Dolores Schmidinger and the winner of the 2007 Austrian Hans Koller Prize, Gina Schwarz.

Tip: "Love me Gender - Tell me where the women are" will be shown on
11. May at 7.15 pm on the stage in the music pavilion.

A la Hollywood, the "Walk of Fem" will be set up on the east side of the Lentos. Stars with the names of "18 Invisible Linz Women" will be placed on the asphalt of the Koref Promenade. Other installations illustrating existing women's issues such as the "income gap", "glass ceiling", "career ladder" and "quota swing" can also be seen.

Invisible Linzers

Women shape and determine life, everyday life, the economy, culture and politics - just like men do. But they often do it "invisibly", from the second row, "next to" or "behind" a man. Accordingly, they are less likely to be publicly honored for this or to be in the spotlight for their deeds or achievements. 18 of these mostly "invisible" Linz women, who have worked in this city in their own special way, will be made "visible" for the duration of the Linzfest! Let yourself be surprised and visit the "Walk of Fem" in the Donaupark! Infopoint

This year, female LinzFest visitors will not only have the red carpet rolled out for them, but will also have the opportunity to find out about Linz's women's (cultural) institutions and network with other women in a relaxed atmosphere in the "Walk of Fem" info point area.

Together with experts, artists and representatives of the Linz women's (cultural) institutions FIFTITU% Vernetzungsstelle für Frauen in Kunst und Kultur, Frauenbüro der Stadt Linz, SpacefemFM, Kinderfreunde, Autonomes Frauenzentrum, Linz09 GmbH and Verein Amara, Linz Kultur developed the thematic focus of this year's festival and the concept of the "Walk of Fem" in a LinzFest08 working group.

Betty Wimmer and Margit Greinöcker are responsible for the artistic realization of the concept ideas.

Linz Kultur would like to thank all the members of this working group for their contribution, especially Claudia Dworschak, Claudia Essenhofer, Elfie Hackl-Ceran, Katja Haller, Gabriele Heidecker, Ursula Kolar, Susanne Puchberger, Helga Schager, Özgür Tas, Elvira Tomancok, Linda Wallner and Susanne Wiesmayr.

We would like to dedicate the Walk of Fem - as a symbol for strong women - to an extraordinary woman:Gabriele Heidecker. She has made a special contribution to cultural development in Linz and to women in art and culture


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