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Veränderung des aktuellen FIFTITU%-Imagefolder

Veränderung des aktuellen FIFTITU%-Imagefolder

In 2009, FIFTITU% decided to embed equality targets in its structures.

An important part of these political goals is the topic of image policies. In February 2010, we dedicated a workshop to this topic with Lina Dokuzovic in order to analyze our own image productions in addition to general discussions. Among other things, this gave rise to the idea of changing our image folder in this form, especially the representation of women on the cover page.

Our discussions started with questions such as: "Who or what is shown and how? Which representation(s) of women are reproduced? What do our image productions convey? What power relations are re/produced in them?". We have therefore decided, on the one hand, to change the representation of women and, on the other, to make our thoughts on this visible and put them up for discussion. This is particularly important to us.

And why gorilla heads? See also: GUERILLA GIRLS

This intervention will not be the only change. Continuous work on equality goals and questioning (in) our own everyday art and cultural work is necessary.