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Online-Kampagne "Kein Witz. Ist so."

Online-Kampagne "Kein Witz. Ist so."

In our society, women* are still (structurally) discriminated against in the labor market. For example, men* are overrepresented wherever power and money are involved, while women* are overrepresented where unpaid and often unappreciated care work is concerned. This fact is addressed by the Women's Office of the City of Linz in an online campaign designed by FIFTITU%.

The social media campaign sheds light on the unequal treatment and discrimination of women* in the labor market. The aim is to inform people about the causes and effects of gender discrimination. After all, changes can only be brought about if there is awareness of the prevailing mechanisms. Raising awareness of the consequences of gender discrimination is all the more necessary as the effects of the pandemic are hitting women* particularly hard, with the associated risk of a renewed "retraditionalization" of gender roles.


The campaign "No joke. It's like this. #CloseTheGap" uses 4 clips to focus on the following main causes:

  • Low wages in "typical female professions"
  • Part-time work and care work
  • Gender pay gap
  • Parental leave and care work

The data basis is the "Second Women's Report of the City of Linz", which was presented at the end of 2018. This report uses statistical data and analyses to provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the diverse living conditions and lifestyles of women in Linz. Horizontal social inequality factors such as gender, age, ethnicity or impairments are analyzed in conjunction with vertical social inequality factors such as level of education, professional status or income.

So let's make a change: Close The Gap!

You can watch the video clips here ?