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FIFTITU% Strategy 2024 - 2025


Since its foundation in 1998, FIFTITU% has established itself as an indispensable force for the promotion and support of women* in the art and culture scene. As a feminist forum and contact point, the association has been providing a platform for over 25 years that not only bridges the gap between feminist regional culture and contemporary art, but also promotes innovative digital projects.

The importance of FIFTITU% as a hub for women*, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people in the arts and cultural sector is undisputed. With a comprehensive range of advice, professionalization and cultural policy initiatives, the association makes a significant contribution to the promotion of fairness and diversity in Austria. The recognition of this work is reflected in the awarding of the Upper Austrian Grand State Culture Prize for initiative cultural work in 2023 and 2002 and the state prize "outstanding artist award" in 2018.

With the establishment of the Salon FIFTITU%, which emerged from the strategic initiative "Kompetent Rebellisch 2020-2023", we have taken an important step in making feminist work visible. This place of open social exchange and discussion represents an important counterpoint to political movements that question social and feminist achievements.

The increasing importance of FIFTITU% as a central point of contact and source of inspiration for women* in art and culture is clearly reflected in the high demand for our diverse range of offers. With 50 events, workshops and programs every year, as well as individual support for over 300 clients, we have firmly established ourselves locally, regionally and nationally. 

FIFTITU% stands for solidarity, diversity, intersectionality and sustainability. Our goal is not only to make feminism socially acceptable, but to establish it as an integral and indispensable part of our society.

By strengthening our internal structures and processes, we can ensure that FIFTITU% can continue to play a pioneering* role in this important struggle.


  • Awarded the Grand Cultural Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for Initiative Cultural Work in 2023.
  • FIFTITU% is recognized as a best-practice organization in the field of "Gender Equality" in the "Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022" of the European Union
  • The NEW(S)BASE platform was presented by the Austrian UNESCO Commission as an exemplary model in the beta version in the state report of the UNESCO Convention.
  • Awarded the state prize "outstanding artist award" for cultural initiatives in 2018 and presented the Käthe Leichter State Prize to board member Gitti Vasicek for achievements in women's and gender studies.
  • Received the Grand Culture Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for initiative cultural work in 2002.
  • The magazine WOMEN ranks FIFTITU% among the most influential women's networks in Austria.
  • Contribution to significant achievements in Upper Austria, such as quota regulations in the promotion of art and culture and the integration of women's political demands in cultural development plans
  • Invitations to renowned lectures and scientific conferences, including the "Munich Women's Conference" and events at "die angewandte" in Vienna. Active participation in workshops and studies, such as the "Gender Report in the Field of Art and Culture" and the "Study on the Social Situation of Artists in Austria".
  • Participation in advisory boards and juries, including the Gabriele Heidecker Prize and the Marianne von Willemer Prize, as well as chairmanship of the Linz City Cultural Advisory Board by Managing Director Oona Valarie Serbest.
  • 25 years of experience in the placement of female artists and experts in order to counteract the often put forward argument of a lack of competent women*