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Guideline für Grafiker_innen

Guideline für Grafiker_innen

FIFTITU% has developed a guideline for graphic designers as part of a workshop on image politics, which was led by Lina Dokuzovic.
The guideline applies to both own image productions (flyers, posters, etc.) and productions that are created in cooperation.

We consider it important to provide feedback both for our own productions and for productions that are created in cooperation: Please send flyers/posters in advance (if possible with sufficient time until publication) as a pdf to fiftitu[at]

We recommend a minimum font size for flyer / poster titles of: x-height // x-height (height of the average letter): For Arial font size 26.
We recommend a minimum font size for continuous text for posters of: x-height // x-height (height of the average letter): For Arial font size 18.

In addition, attention should always be paid to general legibility: Character spacing, typeface (not too squiggly), colors and color differences/contrasts.

In the case of (non-equivalent) cooperations with other organizations, associations, etc., the LOGO of the organizer should be clearly set apart from the LOGOs of e.g. supporters, sponsors,...

This applies both to events organized by FIFTITU% and if we are cooperation partners.

The context of the event should be visible: Which series does the event belong to: e.g. An event as part of..., What form of event is it: workshop, lecture, etc.,...

If there is a lot of text, the readability or reader-friendliness of this is important, so attention should be paid to a text hierarchy in the visual implementation

We do not want any normative representations of women on our image productions or those created in cooperation (however, this also depends on the context or the content of the event).

Thought should also be given to: How does the image fit in with the content of the flyer/ poster or how do the image and title fit together, what meaning do these two produce together?