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Project development start-up workshop

For female artists within the framework of ARTWORKS

2002 - 2004

ARTWORKS - Artistic services for the 3rd sector

Since July 2003 FIFTITU% has been actively working on the EQUAL project ARTWORKS - Artistic Services for the 3rd Sector. The task of FIFTITU% is to organize a start-up workshop for female artists together with the Institute for Cultural Concepts (Vienna).

Women Founders' Workshop
over 100 female artists have applied to take part in the ARTWORKS start-up workshop (January - October 2004). In a ten-month training program with seminars, individual coaching and mentoring, 25 women from different art disciplines will be supported in the development of artistic services and thus the step into self-employment. The aim is to open up new sources of income and fields of work for the participants in cooperation with organizations from the third sector, such as schools, social and charitable institutions

More information (program and FAQs) can be found at:
More information about ARTWORKS:

Contact and information:
For Eastern Austria:
Institute for Cultural Concepts, Birgit Feike
Phone: +43-1-58 53 999

For WEST Austria:
FIFTITU%, Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi
Phone: +43-732-770 353

Guide for female founders
As part of ARTWORKS, "Frau in der Wirtschaft" has developed a "Start-up guide for female artists". It answers specific questions about self-employment and starting a business in the arts and culture sector.
Download at

The print version can be picked up from the FIFTITU% office or can be sent to you in return for reimbursement of shipping costs.

The ARTWORKS development partnership is part of the European Community Initiative EQUAL and is funded by the European Social Fund and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor. The overall coordination lies with ÖKS Austrian Cultural Service.