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Aufruf für Nominierungsvorschläge

Aufruf für Nominierungsvorschläge

Recognition award for female visual artists who have made a remarkable commitment to gender equality recognition award from SPÖ Women Upper Austria

Every year in January, the SPÖ Women of Upper Austria host the Women's New Year Reception. As part of this event, they award a recognition prize to women who have made a special impression through their work. Women who are committed to gender equality in a remarkable way should be put in the spotlight.

The 2009 New Year's reception will be dedicated to art. For this reason, this year's recognition prize will be awarded to a female visual artist whose art is particularly dedicated to the topic of gender difference and who is at the beginning of her career. The prize is intended as recognition for previous work and encouragement for future work.The following can be nominated

Women artists who primarily pursue their artistic activities in Upper Austria, concentrate on the visual arts in their work and focus on issues of gender relations in their work.

Individuals or artist collectives can be nominated, but not cultural institutions, associations and companies.The prize is intended as recognition for past and encouragement for future artistic work.Nomination proposals should include biographical data of the artist, a brief description of previous artistic activities and possibly material (video, CD, DVD, etc.)

Proposals until
31. October 2008
SPÖ Women Upper Austria
concerns "Frauen.Kunst"
Landstraße 36
4020 Linz

The submitted nominations will be evaluated by a jury of experts according to the above-mentioned aspects (reference to Upper Austria - visual arts - women-specific focus). The jury is made up of Stella Rollig, Eva Blimlinger and a representative of SPÖ Frauen

The winner will be informed immediately after the jury's decision. The award ceremony, during which the artist will have the opportunity to present herself and her work, will take place on Sunday, January 25, 2009 at the Offenes Kulturhaus.

Prize money: € 1.000,-