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Presseerklärung des „Bündnis gegen Polizeigewalt und für Demonstrationsfreiheit“

Presseerklärung des „Bündnis gegen Polizeigewalt und für Demonstrationsfreiheit“

Next acquittal in the May 1 case

Once again, contradictory police statements led to acquittal

Today saw the third verdict in the series of trials following the scandalous incidents surrounding the prevented May Day demonstration in Linz. Günther Z. was charged with two counts of resisting public authority. The charges were essentially based on the statements of police inspector Christian Gusta and group inspector Andreas Fellhofer. As in the first trial against Hans-Peter E., the statements of RI Gusta were refuted beyond doubt by video evidence. GI Fellhofer's version also raised considerable doubts, which ultimately led to an acquittal "in dubio pro reo".

It seems questionable that one of the two officers used the other's account of the facts as a template for his own transcript. Despite the objective video evidence, both police officers stuck to their statements, which the court was ultimately unable to comprehend.

The "Alliance against Police Violence and for Freedom of Demonstration" welcomes the renewed acquittal and notes that the accusations made by the police are increasingly vanishing into thin air. "It is becoming increasingly obvious that the police operation on May 1st is a scandal overall, that baton charges and arrests were unjustified and that the way the police handled incriminating statements and facts defies any understanding of the law," say the alliance spokespersons Vanessa Gaigg and Christian Diabl

"We are once again calling on the public prosecutor's office to finally initiate investigations into the officers involved and to fully clarify the police operation," said Gaigg and Diabl

"In view of the legal proceedings to date, we would like to remind you of the indiscriminate statements made by Governor Pühringer and Security Director Lißl immediately after May 1st. We expect a renewed public statement from this side," concluded Gaigg and Diabl.

For further information:
Vanessa Gaigg, spokesperson for the alliance: 0650/2728398