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Presseerklärung des „Bündnis gegen Polizeigewalt und für Demonstrationsfreiheit“

Presseerklärung des „Bündnis gegen Polizeigewalt und für Demonstrationsfreiheit“

Linz, September 14, 2009

State of play and the next trial

Next Thursday, September 17th, the legal aftermath of the May 1st demonstration will enter the next round. After one demonstrator has already been legally acquitted - and another sentenced to a conditional fine - the third verdict in the case is due on Thursday. It is the second day of the trial against Günter Z., who is accused of resisting state authority. The trial begins at 9.00 a.m. in the Linz Regional Court, Room 403, 4th floor. Interested parties and media representatives are welcome to attend.

There is still no trial date for the Vice-Rector of the University of Art and Design, Rainer Zendron. However, two of the three charges were dropped on the instructions of the Ministry of Justice. (2 x resistance, 1 x grievous bodily harm). What remains is the charge of resisting public authority.The charges of resisting public authority and grievous bodily harm were dropped against the fifth person arrested. This is the girl against whose brutal arrest Rainer Zendron protested shortly before his arrest.

In the meantime, the Human Rights Advisory Council has also become involved and is reviewing the activities of the executive from the point of view of respecting human rights. Legal experts from the Constitutional Court, universities and representatives of NGOs sit on this committee. The advisory board reports to the Ministry of the Interior.

No information is available about any investigations by the public prosecutor's office into police officers. "Obviously, no consequences were drawn from the first trial (false file note, concealed police video, unjustified use of batons)", says alliance spokesperson Vanessa Gaigg.

"The Alliance against Police Violence and for Freedom of Demonstration is once again calling on the public prosecutor's office to fulfill its legal mandate and initiate investigations against the officers involved!", Gaigg continues.

For further information please contact: Vanessa Gaigg 0650/2728398

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