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Offener Brief zur Nachfolge in der Linzer Kulturdirektion

Offener Brief zur Nachfolge in der Linzer Kulturdirektion

Press release on March 25, 2010

The patriarchal networks are working

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Politicians do not seem to care about working towards gender balance at management levels. As we pointed out in our open letter in October 2009, the statistics have not improved significantly in this respect. (21% women)

Julius Stieber becomes the new Director of Culture in May, despite qualified female competitors. Two women and one man were available for selection in the final round. With the exception of one external expert, the jury was "male". Was this the reason why the man was preferred in the three-man proposal? Mr. Mayor Dobusch could have decided differently again.
Or was it due to political bartering? Whatever the reasons were: According to the City of Linz's plan for the advancement of women, the position is due to the equally qualified woman - and there was one!

Politics should act in the interests of the community and coexistence. This applies in particular to the cultural sector, which plays a pioneering role as an interface to the public, and the signs that are set in this area are forward-looking. The community is also made up of an average of 52% women in the overall population. Women who continue to be denied access to all levels of power through such decisions - actively denied!

According to the City of Linz's plan for the advancement of women, a quota must be adhered to for new appointments - shamefully enough, this is a women's quota of 40% that must be met! How about a maximum male quota of 40% at all levels?

Another postscript on the quota:
When it comes to the issue of quotas, there are often heated debates about the pros and cons. As part of the project "The quota - a provocation", FIFTITU% has set up a website with an extensive collection of material.
There you will find information on the history of the quota and both clever and stupid sayings. You will also find statements from the Minister for Women's Affairs, an art historian, artists, a construction and cultural worker and many more.
"I am a quota woman and proud of it..." is the title of the article by the women's representative of the City of Linz. In her "Quoten-Blabla", Elfriede Hammerl raises the never-asked question of where so many qualified men are to be taken from and what is supposed to be unfair about half-and-half. In a virtual view of Linz, you can click through the proportion of women and men in management positions in Linz's cultural landscape. (as of 2007)

Best regards

This letter is addressed to politicians, the press and interested parties in the arts and culture sector.