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Alternativen zur Verlandung - Offener Brief

Alternativen zur Verlandung - Offener Brief

Alternatives to the silting up of the Linz harbor basin - art and cultural workers from the Linz area want a discourse. January 2011 - A growing number of regional art and cultural workers, independent practitioners and visionaries are increasingly focusing on nature- and resource-conscious project concepts.

Maritime and nautical issues are often and visibly at the heart of these works. In the course of these endeavors, the natural element of water itself is also of importance, especially its constant presence that defines our cultural landscapes, formulated as a flexible working situation, socially relevant communication platform or innovative exhibition alternative, concepts emerge that creatively use and integrate water surfaces. This results in changeable living and working environments that focus on the careful integration of natural, cultural and industrial elements. A lot is happening on the water, especially in and around Linz on the Danube

We, the undersigned, take this dynamic as an opportunity to express our disapproval of the planned partial silting up of the Linz harbor basins. It is not the case that the water areas will no longer be used! We would like to point out that there are alternative uses. Alternatives that serve a variety of cultural uses, symbiotically intertwine to preserve the biological diversity of this region and also preserve the historical integrity of these basins.

Ports are a public asset that gives cities their identity. As residents and workers in this city, we do not want to have this taken away or curtailed. We are concerned with creating access points that are flexible and modular in design to support life on, in and with the water.
In accordance with the directives of the port management, an orderly uncontrolled growth may well arise.
Whether as a dream of owning your own boat, as a symbol of freedom and independence or as a vision of entire fleets. Separated from conventional leisure boat moorings, docked in semi-urban spaces, we want to maintain an agile environment in Linz's harbor basins. Linking the urban, water, industrial and natural spaces with one another.

We are keen to discuss our concepts and possible alternatives for the harbor basins with those responsible.



Signatories in alphabetical order

Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture
Harrachstrasse 28
4020 Linz

Paul Fischnaller
Operator of the Hofkabinett - Linz
4020 Linz

Markus Luger
Boat builder
4100 Ottensheim

Leo Schatzl
UfG LV:Water as an urban space
4020 Linz

Stadtwerkstatt Linz
Art and cultural association
Kirchengasse 4
4040 Linz

Henk Stolk
Visual artist Linz
4020 Linz

Andi Strauss
Artist Vienna/Linz
4100 Ottensheim

Art and cultural association
City harbor Linz
4020 Linz