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Solidaritätsstatement der IG BILDENDE KUNST, 2.10.2017

Solidaritätsstatement der IG BILDENDE KUNST, 2.10.2017

FIFTITU%, we love you!

And we need you. Your expertise, your networking activities and your militant work to break down unequal conditions - not just for artists and cultural workers, but together for everyone. We support your feminist and art-political positions and actions. We are appalled that the state of Upper Austria wants to cut funding for FIFTITU% by almost 25% - and that this will only be communicated in September of the current year. We protest in the strongest possible terms against such a disastrous approach and budget cut by the state of Upper Austria! #dankeschwarzblau

Equality has still not been achieved, so the work of FIFTITU% is as important as ever - especially in a political climate that aims to marginalize and apparently cement structures and norms in a patriarchal-white-heteronormative society.

(Solidarity statement of the IG BILDENDE KUNST, 2.10.2017)