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fiftitu % sind mehr als forty % oder ?!

fiftitu % sind mehr als forty % oder ?!

March 1999 Michaela Schoissengeier

If we let our keen eye wander over established, renowned art institutions, the program beckons to us in a rather one-sided way - not the program in and of itself, no, quite the opposite! My criticism belongs to the selecting (mostly) men. At first glance, it looks as if only artists have the writing, painting, photography and, above all, the say. To my question to a gentleman who organized a symposium where there were no women on the podium, no female speakers and no female prize winners, except for 2/3 women in the audience and the hard-working ladies at the cash desk, the answer was: I'm supposed to look at that too! Yes, gentlemen, you should look at that too, and the argument about quality no longer counts. Women artists can produce art just as well or just as badly as their male colleagues.

for this reason and many more, the association fiftitu % has declared the whole of upper austria a podium for women for the year 99, more precisely in the period from 19-28 march. With the women's culture week fiftitu % we want to set an unmistakable sign. Here, only women will be able to showcase their knowledge and skills. The project is planned and organized by experienced women from the independent scene. 15 associations that contribute to the positive climate in the upper austrian cultural scene bring in creative and innovative ideas that promise diversity and encourage discussion on the topic of "women in culture". Freistadt, gutau, scharnstein, rainbach, wels, linz and steyr are just some of the places where events will be held. A very special part of the women.culture.week is the fact that the entire concept was created in the planning, which was done exclusively in the respective regions, in a needs-oriented manner, with consideration and inclusion of the women living there. networking also seems important to us. Ongoing exchange and complementation generates strength, courage and many new ideas! I am definitely looking forward to these eventful days and am sure that this will be a new starting shot for even more women's power!

Best regards
Michaela schoissengeier
KUPF women's representative
Chairwoman of the association fiftitu%