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Bericht - Fahrende Händlerinnen des Aktivistischen Wissens!

Bericht - Fahrende Händlerinnen des Aktivistischen Wissens!

On Saturday, July 6, 2013, FIFTITU% invited guests to a cruise on the Danube

On board were the experts: Marty Huber, Gin Müller and maiz + Reugee Protest Vienna.
The topics of "Queerfeminist strategies", "Activist techniques" and "Media of self-determined protest" were the subject of lively discussion and knowledge exchange.

As organizers, we are once again thrilled with the experience and the results, just like last year!

Dealers of Activist Knowledge! from Sat., July 6, 2013

On Saturday, July 6, 2013, the "Traveling Traders" will be back on the ship. This year we are navigating around the concept of "activist knowledge".
Everyone is invited to collect, trade and exchange knowledge. There are three topics to choose from: "activist techniques", "queerfeminist strategies" and "media of self-determined protest".

21 people can participate per boat trip. Please register at: fiftitu[at]

In addition to the three experts, everyone on board is invited to swap, trade and collect on this trip to activism. The approach to acquiring and exchanging knowledge is intended to be a humorous and critical debate

The two boat trips will take place on Saturday, July 6. The meeting point is the landing stage of the MS-Helene in Linz/Urfahr in the area of the Urfahr fairground. Ms. Brigitte Kastler, the ship's captain, will steer the ship.

13:30 | Meeting 1st boat tour (MS-Helene landing stage)

14:00 - 15:30 | Boat trip 1st round

15:00 | Meeting 2nd boat round (MS-Helene landing stage)

16:00 - 17:30 | Boat trip 2nd round

We sail up the Danube towards Ottensheim, from there back to Linz towards the port and then back to the city center. There the passengers change and then we do a 2nd round. Afterwards, there may be a small party at the MS Helene landing stage or we can meet up at the "Donauwirtinnen" for a chat.

Cost contribution for boat trip, knowledge acquisition and buffet: 5 euros/ or social price possible.
Please register at: fiftitu[at]
When registering, please let us know whether you prefer the 1st or 2nd boat trip!