FIFTITU% - Network for Women* in Arts and Culture in Upper Austria

FIFTITU% is a feminist forum for female artists and cultural workers. The name refers to a plain fact and at the same time is a product thereof. The binary gender construction of our society only uses the categories women and men. 52% of the worlds population are categorized as women* - which still suffer from manifold discrimination. Our society has established norms and hierarchies in order to maintain this rigid gender system. The activities of FIFTITU% in the fields of arts and culture aim to show discriminatory structures and norms of our white-patriarchal-heteronorm society and try to undermine them.

FIFTITU% was founded in 1998 by female cultural workers due to a lack of feminist cultural work and politics in Upper Austria. Since its beginning one of the central aims of the founding activists has been to implement a network for women in arts and culture which exists since 2001.

FIFTITU% is active within the following areas:
networks on a regional and national level (i.e. regular meetings such as the “Schwammfisch” with cultural workers).
addresses cultural political claims on an institutional level (the provincial government of Upper Austria, the City of Linz, their cultural institutions and activities) as well as within the independent art scene: demands for quotas within arts and art related institutions, committees, events, with a special focus on equality targets within public invitations, tenders and calls,...
distributes information about special calls, events, (published in our monthly newsletter), advice and assistance in project funding and/or project development matters,...
provides further training and workshops for women (i.e. technology workshops)
feminist media work (Radio FRO 105.0 and dorf.tv)
organises symposia, conferences and public discussions as well as commission scientific studies and projects
implements topical feminist projects

* Because of the immobility of our language FIFTITU% uses in her texts the category “woman”. However, we would like to state that this represents a construct that helps to maintain norms in our society. Therefore female categories are used for all those physical persons that are categorized as such by our society or for those who define themselves as such.