PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarships

University of West London is inviting a new round of applications for PhD scholarships featuring a fees waiver and a stipend of £15,000 pa.
The call is for applications across the whole university and competition is initially at subject and then at University level.
- Adaptation Studies, Film Studies, Genre Studies, Genre Theory, Popular Fiction
- Creative Writing, Screenwriting
- Filmmaking, Film Theory, Film and Philosophy, Screen Studies
- Gender, Technology and Work
- Media Arts, Art and Design History, Cultural History, Communication Design, Design and Visual Literacies
- Media History and Theory, Media Archaeology, Gallery and Museum Studies
- Media Studies, Media Transformations, Branding, Public Relations, Television, News and Journalism
- Modern Literature, Literary Theory, Literature and Philosophy
- Photography History and Theory, Media and Photography Practice, Photography and Philosophy, Literature and Photography  - Thinking the Image