Nordicom Review Special Issue

Nordicom Review Special Issue
Göteborg, Schweden
Call for Papers
Media Systems in /the other/Nordic countries and autonomous regions: Studies of News Media, Journalism and Democracy in Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Samiland and Åland

Special issue editors: Ida Willig (Roskilde University & Ilisimatursarfik), Lars Nord (Mid Sweden University)

Media systems theory (Hallin & Mancini 2004, 2017) have been a productive theoretical framework for understanding the relationship between media and politics in a comparative perspective.
Recent developments in the growing research field has suggested that the ‘democratic-corporatist’ media system model is not a ‘one-model-fits-all’ with regard to the Northern European countries (Brüggeman et. al. 2014, Ohlsson 2015, Syvertsen et. al. 2014).
However, empirical studies of the media systems of the Nordic countries tend to have the larger Nordic countries – Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark – as their object, leaving us with little research on the smaller media systems in the other Nordic countries and autonomous regions.
The grand question is still to be answered, namely if we can speak of “one” or “a” Nordic Media System or whether there are differences from west to east or from north to south?
What have our shared Nordic history meant in relation to the development of our media systems, are there differences between the smaller and larger Nordic countries?
Are we as alike as we might think?