Algorithms for her?

Algorithms for her?
London, England
Call for Papers

Algorithms for her? feminist approaches to digital infrastructures, cultures and economies”

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Our daily lives are increasingly governed by algorithmic processes of selection, identification and discrimination.This international symposium focuses on the intersectional forms of injustice that algorithms – and the systems in which they are embedded – help to  propagate and sustain. Given the significance and ubiquity of such processes in everyday life, and their disproportionate effects on those marginalised across intersections of gender, sexuality, class and race, this event will create a dedicated space for the discussion of algorithmic forms of oppression and inequality.

Algorithms for Her? seeks  to support the synthesis of in-depth analysis of algorithms – together with their functions and entanglements – with critical feminist works that meaningfully examine the production and ethics of bias. "Newness" is often fetishised in analyses of digital culture. The approaches sidelined by this fetishisation are often those by women and scholars of colour, who struggle to have their contributions included in dominant canons of thought. In some areas of scholarship we may be reaching ‘peak algorithm’ but relatively few studies can meaningfully be called inclusive, reflective or feminist.

This symposium seeks to give platform to perspectives on algorithms and algorithmic culture that are under-represented in the academy. We welcome both traditional conference presentations (15 minutes in length) and creative alternatives such as performances or artistic interventions.

We invite contributions related to any of the following areas:

  • Intersectional feminist work critically examining platforms and their economies/ approaches to machine learning,content moderation and algorithms (broadly defined).
  • Intersectional feminist work examining software/tools/app design and infrastructure.
  • Intersectional feminist work on platform labour and inequalities.
  • Feminist methodologies for studying and teaching algorithms and the ethical questions they raise.
  • Industry/nonprofit cases of addressing discrimination/bias sustained by and 'within' technologies.

The conference is January 17th 2020 - King’s College London
10am-5pm followed by a wine reception

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Bev Skeggs, Distinguished Professor at Lancaster University and Academic Advisor at London School of Economics International Inequalities Institute.
  • Dr Taina Bucher,* Associate Professor at the University of Oslo.

Keynote roundtable and Practitioners

  • Dr Joanne Armitage*, University of Leeds
  • Dr Ysabel Gerrard*, The University of Sheffield
  • Dr Francesca Sobande*, Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University
  • Dr Antonina Puchkovskaia*, IMTO University in St Petersburg, Russia

King’s College London
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