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Call for Papers

Call for Papers – 24th SCFLLF

Abstracts for papers (and panels) for the SCFLLF are now being considered.

SCFLLF welcomes papers on all aspects of literature, linguistics, culture, philosophy, cultural history, film, second language acquisition and pedagogy pertaining to non-English languages (ancient and modern).

We would like to encourage (but not limit submissions to) a working theme: “work” and “labor” in its broadest understanding, including:

  • representations of work/labor in literature, film, and works of art
  • the language of work/labor (linguistic or philosophical considerations)
  • work/labor and gender issues
  • the work of authors, artists, and film workers
  • the work of the literary and film scholar and the translator
  • migration and work
  • inability to work, e.g. for refugees, the disabled/special needs
  • non-work: unemployment, refusal to work, idleness, leisure
  • representation of labor organizations and laws
  • the work that literature, film, and art perform in society

The keynote speaker is Barbara Mennel (University of Florida). Selected proceedings will be published in print. 

The deadline for proposal submission is November 1, 2019.
To submit a proposal for a single paper or a full panel submit here online: https://scfllf.org/submitProposals (Account required)


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