The Agency of Failure

The Agency of Failure
Wien, Österreich

The Agency of Failure (Call for Proposals)

For 2020, VBKÖ looks at The Agency of Failure, and how it ties into artistic interventions, research, and production. We look for proposals that illustrate great and glorious fails, abject blunders, the struggle and resilience that have allowed us to explore what makes us invariably human. 
We welcome group proposals for exhibition projects, screenings, performances, workshops, lectures and other artistic practices.


  • short description of the project (maximum one page)
  • a short CV from all participants involved in the proposal (one page)
  • a financial plan (maximum 2.000 euros)
  • envisioned time slot for the project (between April 2020- March 2021)
  • three high resolution images (jpegs)
  • contact information, email address, & mobile number

Maysedergasse 2/28
1010 Wien