Residences for Visual Artists

Residences for Visual Artists
Liège, Belgien
Artist in Residence
  • The City of Liege and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels offer a program of residences/ workshops for visual artists working in the field of contemporary art.
  • The Vivegnis International Residences/Workshops are a place dedicated to research and professionalization for visual artists and / or recent graduates with potential for success, for which the residence may contribute to their professional advancement. Thus, in a unique working environment, artists benefit supervision in terms of communication and meetings with professionals in the sectors.
  • It includes a management structure made of administrative and technical staff. It takes care of the media coverage of the project, the publication of the results and the organisation of the events during their stays.
  • The residences Vivegnis International Workshops are composed of 3 flats (+/- 80 m² / two of two rooms and one of one room) and 4 workshops (+/- 100 m²).
  • Visual artists from the Federation Wallonia-Brussels residing in the Liege area will not benefit from accommodation.
  • International partnerships and exchange programs are implemented.