Art Residency Estudio Abierto Mexico

Art Residency Estudio Abierto Mexico
Oaxaca, Mexico
Artist in Residence

Open Call Art Residency Estudio Abierto Mexico

Estudio A is open to the creation of digital, photographic, graphic, painting, industrial design, utilitarian objects, assembly forms, etc. The production and / or results will be shown to the public in an open study format - a one-day results sample, workshop or talk. ​ Mode For artists-designers: This residence is aimed at artists, designers, illustrators, digital artists and people related to contemporary artistic production, it is invited to produce a project that each resident proposes during their stay in Oaxaca. The purpose of the residence is to develop proposals that investigate and experiment with the city, its variables and its own characteristics, and the dynamics that artistic production systems imply in a residency format.

For Curators and Researches: Aimed at curators, critics, theorists, historians and researchers who come to make a research proposal that includes Oaxacan artists or involves the local scene. ​ ​

  • Participants: The residence has a maximum capacity of 3 people per month and is available during the months
  • $3.00 application fee
  • $580.00 program fee (monthly)
  • Ceramic Facility, Co-Working, Gallery, Installation Space, Print Shop
  • Public Programs
  • Exhibition, Open Studios, Visiting Professionals
  • English, Spanish

Book Arts, Ceramics, Conceptual Art, Curatorial, Documentary, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Interdisciplinary Arts, Jewelry, Land Art, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Public Art, Textile, Visual Arts


Zócalo Oaxaca
Portal del Palacio Centro
68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax.